Obagi skin care

Obagi skin care and treatment for healthy and beauty skins

obagi skin careObagi skin care is the latest in a long line of medical products that promise anti aging; skin rejuvenation; reduction of wrinkles and skin reconditioning. What is interesting to note is this product range promises results in just a few short weeks.

In this article we turn the spotlight on the Obagi skin care range of products to see just how good they are. Does the Obagi range deliver on its promises? Let’s find out!

No single system fits all in this case; each individual being unique will need to consult with an aesthetician to find out which of the Obagi skin care products will give you the results you need.

A quick overview of the products is as follows.

1. Obagi Nu-derm

This product is designed to completely ‘makeover’ a person’s skin. You have to consult with an Aesthetician in order to find out the correct dosage required to stimulate your skin cells and remove age and discoloration spots. It also helps to remove old, dead cells and protect the skin from UV damage.

2. Obagi-C Rx System and Obagi Professional-C Serum

These are both products that focus on sun damaged skin and protecting the skin from sun damage. While the first helps to enhance collagen production through high levels of vitamin C, the second helps to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays and prevent aging.

3. Obagi Clenziderm M.D.

Is acne or other blemishes giving you sleepless nights and fewer dates? No problem, this treatment promises to give you clear skin in just 14 days.  Prescription strength treatment fills out the pores with benzoyl peroxide in liquid form for a long lasting effect.

4. Obagi Blue Peel System

This is the Obagi skin care chemical peel treatment that first requires you to visit a clinic to remove the old and dead skin cells. This is done with the use of tricholoracetic acid or TCA. Once the dead cells are stripped over, in a few days the new cells start to come to life and soon you have a completely refreshed look.

5. Obagi Elastiderm

As an alternative to botox or even surgery for wrinkles, this product will help to increase your skin’s firmness and even reduce wrinkles and the fine lines found on the face. It is claimed that this formula will work in 9 weeks to produce results.

Once you have a procedure done using the skin care product  range, you can follow through by using the Obagi Condition and Enhance System to condition, tone and maintain your skin. On the next articles, I will talk about another products and review for new and popular Obagi skin care products.